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Lets Get Social in China

August 01, 2015 by Gavin Hsu

When you think of social media, what comes to mind? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Of course, these social media platforms are being used by people

When you think of social media, what comes to mind? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Of course, these social media platforms are being used by people to socialize, but increasingly these platforms are being used for business development and promotional purposes. This is happening every day, in every country and in almost any industry and of course including the power electronics industry.

As a new media format, social media is increasingly complementing traditional media and other marketing. Combining online and off-line to your marketing plan increases your sales leads and brand awareness.

The China market differs from the world in many ways. Most of the world’s most popular social media platforms are blocked and are not accessible in China. The leading social media platforms in China are WeChat, Weibo and QQ Zone. I bet you’ve never heard of any of them.

WeChat or WeiXin as it is known in China, was introduced in 2011 by Tencent Technology and has now become the number one social media platform in China. As of the first quarter of 2015, 90% of Chinese smart phone users have downloaded and activated their WeChat platform.  Over 549 million us-ers are active on the WeChat platform every month. The average WeChat user uses the platform more than 40 times each day. Even though WeChat is produced by a Chinese company, they have members in over 200 countries around the world. The App is available in more than 20 different languages.

Figure 1: Device penetration for social media users (%)

Different from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, WeChat offers a comprehensive universe, basically an intranet on the internet, including message pushing, sharing, video, photo, online shopping, a mini-website, user survey, payment process, membership programs and customer service embedding etc.  You can think about Facebook or Twitter as being one room in the house and WeChat being the whole house.

Figure 2: WeChat replaces QQ zone, Weibo experienced a significant drop

Since WeChat has really taken off in China, companies are increasingly using this powerful tool for marketing and promotion. Here are some examples of what power electronics companies in China are already doing with WeChat:

Figure 3: Rogers video at Bodo’s China WeChat account

Figure 4: PCIM Europe message pushing at Bodo’s China WeChat account

Figure 5: IGBT video message pushing at Bodo’s China WeChat account

Infineon: Infineon China launched its WeChat corporate account in June 2014. During the past year, its WeChat platform has become the primary interaction point for the company to communicate with its clients and product users. Infineon use the platform to introduce the latest product technology, invitations to events, recruitment and product information and data.

Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi Semiconductor China launched its WeChat corporate account in 2014. Providing product information, invitations to events, interactivity with product users, Mitsubishi also launched its “Cute” social media spokesperson, in Chinese named  “Xia Ling Jiao”, translated literally meaning little water chestnut shape.  Cute is available online to inform customers about Mitsubishi’s corporate concept and history.

ICkey: as a local Chinese online distributor, ICkey uses it’s WeChat account to better service clients. Products can be ordered online through the WeChat platform. Customers can also track their order process, make payments with WeChat Wallet, interact with customer service and connect with other customers, all through the WeChat platform.

Last year, Bodo’s Power China launched its own WeChat account.  As of June 15, 2015, nearly 1200 power electronics engineers are presently using the account on a weekly basis.

The platform is used to connect advertisers with your readers.  On May 29, we produced a message push and video for Rodgers Power Electronics, seen by 949 of the 1135 registered users, a nearly 85% response rate.

On May 20, we sent out a show report about PCIM Europe, receiving 580 reads from the 1097 users, more than 50% response rate. On May 15th, we offered a IGBT push pro-motion for CSR company, achieving a 45% response rate. 

WeChat is a power tool for connection, business, sales, and promotion and is go-ing global. Bodo’s Power China is at the forefronts of this new revolution. If you would like to learn about WeChat function and how it works, Bodo’s Power China can provide consultancy services to you as well.

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