A Complete Set of Tools for Modular Multilevel Converter Studies

A Complete Set of Tools for Modular Multilevel Converter Studies

Imagine having a complete set of tools to study modular multilevel converters (MMC) for various applications, such as HVDC links, Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS), Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOM), Multilevel Matrix Converters, complex Drives, etc.

OPAL-RT solutions allow not only the software simulation of such complex systems based on MMC technologies, as well as their controls but also the capability to prototype such systems and perform HIL validation of real replicas of MMC controllers.


Software solution

The MMC blockset developed by OPAL-RT simulates the MMC of various submodule topologies with very high fidelity and unbeatable efficiency. The MMC blockset is directly accessible by users from MATLAB/Simulink/SimPowerSystems. Users can further edit the model and produce their own power systems circuits and control algorithms.

Users can define their own circuit topology, composed of various MMCs. Up to 6000 MMC submodules can be simulated on one single FPGA in OPAL-RT hardware.

These simulated MMCs can be either controlled by a simulated control algorithm designed with MATLAB/Simulink, or by a real control replica using Aurora communication protocol.


Hardware solution

The OP1200 Modular Multilevel Converter is the ideal turnkey test bench dedicated to the verification and prototyping of new control algorithms and for developing future HVDC interconnections. It allows researchers to focus on cutting-edge work and gain time by not having to design and build a hardware test platform.

Each OP1210 box represents an MMC arm with 10, 20 or 30 submodules (HB or FB). Integrating multiple OP1210 together allows, for instance, the set up of a complete AC/DC 6-arm converter, or a 3-arm STATCOM.

The OP1200 Test bench is designed with quality components and high-level protection for conducting research-grade experiments in a safe laboratory environment. Onboard low-level protection isolates key components to keep the bench in operation and maintenance free.



This Product of the Month originally appeared in Bodo's Power Systems June 2018 Issue.


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