XPiQ Offers New 2004-2005 Power Conversion Guide

July 07, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

XPiQ Inc. (Holliston, MA), a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of ac-dc and dc-dc power supply products, offered its new 2004/2005 Power Conversion Products guide, which contains full technical details for 95 families of power supply products and 5,000 individual products. Over 1,000 products are new in this edition.

The 264 page catalog covers ac-dc power supplies, external power supplies, dc-dc converters, DIN rail supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, front ends and component-based power modules for distributed power architectures. An extensive range of units for commercial, medical and industrial markets is available. In addition to the product index, the catalog contains information on engineering services, four quick-reference technical pages and an alpha-numeric part number locator.

The next generation of products described in the catalog includes the ECM40/60, 40 W and 60 W supplies in compact 2 in x 4 in packages with industrial, commercial and medical safety approvals for both Class I and Class II applications. Another addition is the a small 700 W chassis, an addition to the MP Series, 300 W to 2,400 W configurable family. For medium power applications, the 300 W to 400 W SMQ units with outputs from 3.3 Vdc to 54 Vdc are also new. Finally, the JTA dc-dc converters have 4:1 input voltages covering 9 Vdc to 36 Vdc and 18 Vdc to 75 Vdc and come in a choice of 40 models with a 10 W to 20W output. The converters are suitable for industrial applications.