Wireless Power Evaluation Kits for Consumer Devices

August 11, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

PowerbyProxi today announced the release of Proxi-2D EVK-1, an evaluation kit for wireless charging of consumer electronic devices. The evaluation kit enables customers to test the capabilities of PowerbyProxi's resonant technology features such as full spatial freedom, 7.5W power transfer per receiver and multi-device charging up to 15W.

PowerbyProxi's newest evaluation kit includes a transmitter and two receiver modules to test charging of multiple devices at 7.5W per receiver. The system displays resonant mode charging across the entire charging surface for both Qi v1.1 and resonant receivers. The Proxi-2D EVK-1 kit also highlights a critical next step towards the advancement of the Qi specification by delivering a resonant solution capable of Qi v1.1 compliance.

"The Proxi-2D EVK-1 is the next step towards getting advanced resonant wireless charging technology in the hands of consumers," said Greg Cross, CEO, PowerbyProxi. "Allowing customers to experience the safety, efficiency and speed firsthand, furthers our goal to enable innovation in the market."

The evaluation system features: Simultaneously charges up to 2 Rx’s in Resonant mode; Qi v1.1 compliant for both Rx and Tx; 7.5W power delivery per Rx in Resonant mode – maximum up to 15W; Full spatial freedom – Rx can be charged in any location and orientation on Tx; Tx and Rx can be used with Qi v.1.1. compatible devices (Tx and Rx); Tx can be switched between automatic and manual mode for active monitoring and testing; Z height testing options at 3, 5 and 7mm (coil to coil); Advanced thermal management during charging; Patented DHC technology for maximum system performance; Autonomous optimization delivers maximum power and efficiency; and Completely safe to use – meets all safety (RF exposure) requirements for safe operation.

The Tx module can supply power up to 2 receiver modules in resonant mode anywhere on the charging surface. Automatic detection of the Rx determines operation in Resonant or Qi v.1.1 compatible mode. It features; Dual mode functionality – Resonant and Qi v1.1; RoHS compliant; Automatic detection of the Rx to determine operating mode; Specialized software graphical user interface; and Tx Control Application and manual mode option for monitoring and testing.

The kit includes two Rx modules, each with the ability to operate in Resonant and Qi v1.1 mode. Rx modules are comprised of a Rx coil and Rx circuit board placed inside a plastic casing. These feature; Dual mode functionality – Resonant and Qi v.1.1; Automatic detection of Tx to determine operating mode; Thermal shutdown protection; Specialized software graphical user interface; and Includes Rx Control Application to monitor and control Rx functions.