Wireless Power Consortium Announces Integration of Qi Wireless Charging at More Than 120 Japanese Locations

December 11, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), announced the successful completion of phase one of the Okudake-Juden (Place and Charge) campaign, which added Qi wireless charging at more than 60 popular locations throughout Japan, with plans to expand to 126 total Qi charging locations by the end of December.

Japanese mobile operator NTT DOCOMO, INC., installed Qi wireless charging stations at 60 convenient locations, including airport lounges, salons, cinemas, and cafes. By the end of December, Qi will be available at more than 60 additional venues throughout Japan, including top department stores, hotels, convenience stores, and fast food restaurant chains.

Just as Bluetooth® set the standard for exchanging data over short distances or Wi-Fi™ set the standard for wireless networking, Qi sets the standard for wireless charging. Qi allows devices to be charged just by placing them on any Qi charging surface without connecting cords or wires. Qi offers simplicity, convenience, and flexibility by ensuring wireless charging interoperability between any Qi-enabled device and any Qi charger, regardless of manufacturer or brand.

"Wireless charging becomes more useful and convenient as it gets integrated into everyday places where people live, work, and travel," said WPC Chairman Menno Treffers. "Today in Japan, customers at restaurants, shops, hotels and many other areas are making drained batteries a thing of the past and experiencing how easy charging can be."

"In August NTT DOCOMO released its first Qi-enabled phone, AQUOS SH-13C by Sharp, and we have plans to roll out several more Qi compatible devices in the months ahead," said Naofumi Sakata, Marketing Manager at NTT DOCOMO. "The more people experience the simplicity and convenience of charging their phones by just placing them on a table at the places they visit every day, the more they want this feature wherever they go. We’re excited about the future of Qi."