What is the Impact of IC Power Consumption on Sustainability?

October 02, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Sonics, Inc. and Semico Research Corporation have launched the "On-Chip Power Management Best Practices" survey. The purpose of this industry survey is to understand how chip designers are managing power consumption and contrast that with expected future best practices. The companies will publish results of the survey on their web sites in the fall of 2016.

“Energy is a finite resource and reducing its consumption should be everyone’s concern,” said Sonics’ CEO Grant Pierce. “Power is becoming one of the top issues facing chip designers. Semico and Sonics are conducting a survey to better understand today's status quo and tomorrow's trends for power management best practices among chip design teams in semiconductor and electronic systems companies.”

There are predictions from a Semiconductor Industry Association report “Rebooting the IT Revolution: A Call to Action,” that we may run out of energy to power computers by 2040. There are ways to easily save power at the system component and sub-system level and the NRDC has recently published its report, “Slashing Energy Use in Computers and Monitors While Protecting Our Wallets, Health, and Planet,” that provides some amazing statistics about the savings opportunities in PC design.

What is the power savings opportunity at the chip level? You can take the survey here.