WattUp Wireless Charging Secures Regulatory Approval in 100 Countries

September 05, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Energous Corporation, the developer of WattUp®, a wire-free, power-at-a-distance charging technology, today announced that it has secured regulatory certification for its WattUp Near Field wireless charging technology in 100 countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Taiwan and the entire European Union.

"As the leader in Wireless Charging 2.0, we are paving the way for our customers to launch WattUp-enabled consumer electronic and IoT devices on a global basis. While each WattUp-enabled device requires its own certification, our customers will be able to reference the Energous certifications to expedite the regulatory process," said Stephen R. Rizzone, CEO of Energous.

"Initial roll outs from our customers to consumers will begin in the coming weeks, followed by full global releases as the remaining certifications are secured," added Rizzone.

This announcement follows the company's achievement of the industry's first FCC certification for its at-a-distance wireless charging technology under Part 18 of the FCC guidelines, an industry first, as well as for the company's at-contact wireless charging.

Energous is continuing to execute on a robust global regulatory campaign that will establish its footprint in priority countries and open the door for manufacturers to begin selling WattUp-enabled electronic devices in their respective markets.

As the only technology capable of both contact-based fast-charging and over-the-air wireless charging and the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously, WattUp is a low cost and highly scalable wireless charging solution that is suitable for a variety of sized electronic devices, including smartphones, fitness trackers, earbuds, game controllers, hearing aids and more.

The WattUp ecosystem, similar to WiFi, ensures interoperability between all receivers and transmitters, making the entire ecosystem flexible and accessible for both consumers and manufacturing partners, while solving their pain points with existing on-the-market wireless charging solutions.

"Securing the necessary country-specific regulatory approvals for our technology is an important and essential part of the go-to market process as we introduce WattUp wireless charging technology to regulators around the world," said Daniel Lawless, VP of Regulatory at Energous.

"Current progress of our international regulatory campaign bolsters our leadership position and makes our WattUp wireless charging technology accessible to many more markets around the globe, with more in the pipeline," Lawless concluded.

Energous is actively working on obtaining necessary regulatory approvals in additional key countries and it anticipates more country approvals will be announced in the coming months.