Voller Energy Group Pens MOU with Calor Gas

February 20, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Voller Energy Group PLC has signed a memorandum of understanding ('MOU') with Calor Gas Limited ('Calor Gas'). The agreement is for Voller Energy and Calor Gas to work together to develop the market for fuel cell generators and battery chargers, where the hydrogen that the fuel cells use is from Calor Gas products.

Calor Gas is the UK's leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas ('LPG') with over 70 years' experience in this flexible and environmentally sensitive energy market. From 10,000 UK outlets, Calor Gas supplies around four million homes, businesses and individuals who rely on Calor Gas for an enormous variety of applications.

"We are very excited by the potential opportunities offered by the relationship with Calor Gas. They are the ideal partner as we seek to develop portable fuel cells charged by hydrocarbons. With over 10,000 outlets in the UK and a strong presence in our key chosen markets this agreement offers both companies benefits from the development of this important environmentally-friendly technology," stated Stephen Voller, CEO of Voller Energy Group PLC.

Voller Energy is working on a fuel cell technology that is fueled by hydrogen derived from widely available hydrocarbons such as butane or propane. Calor Gas is part of the Dutch multinational SHV Gas, which is one of the world's leading downstream suppliers of LPG.

The initial scope of the joint development will be to use existing Calor Gas products in fuel cell generators and battery charges. And develop new style canisters (possibly disposable) for use in fuel cell generators and battery chargers.