VHA Selects Hybrid Flexcar for Staff Mobility

August 25, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Flexcar (Seattle, WA), the nation's largest car-sharing company, the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Housing Authority (VHA) have partnered to increase mobility options for VHA staff as well as residents in Vancouver's uptown neighborhood. Flexcar has placed a vehicle at VHA headquarters that is available for use by VHA staff during business hours and other Flexcar members the remainder of the day.

As part of a sustainable transportation incentive package, the city's GreenFleet program provides the VHA staff with a hybrid Toyota Prius; access to on-demand, C-TRAN bus tickets; and a fleet bicycle. The goal of the GreenFleet program is to provide affordable and environmentally friendly transportation options for Vancouver's citizens and employers. As part of the city's efforts, GreenFleet partnered with Flexcar in the Vancouver market in 2001 to launch a fleet of super-ultra-low emission vehicles, so that more drivers could use this technology.

Flexcar's Vancouver fleet is part of a nationwide service for more than 16,000 members in five major metro areas, including Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; and Washington, DC. Flexcar places fuel-efficient cars, trucks and minivans across a region. Flexcar members reserve the vehicles for hourly use with Flexcar covering the cost of the car, gas, parking, insurance and maintenance. Paying by the hour, members can enjoy the freedom of car ownership without the hassles and costs.