Venturi Adds Intel WiMAX Technology into Fetish Vehicle

November 10, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Venturi Automobiles (Monaco) and Intel Corp. announced a pooling of talents and resources that has led to Intel's WiMAX wireless data communication technology being incorporated into Venturi's all-electric Fetish vehicle. The two companies have decided to combine their technological forces to give the Fétish a completely new data communications capability by incorporating an Alvarion pre-WiMAX wireless connection box into the car, for easier communication of data (engine temperature, etc.) to its owner, who can interact with the car’s driving parameters, as well as find out the battery-charge levels and either charge or discharge the batteries remotely.

Venturi sees WiMAX as a means of remotely monitoring vehicle operation, fine-tuning it, and even updating on-board applications, in complete safety. WiMAX technology was chosen for its range and its safety, and using WiMAX technology, the fleet of vehicles will be remote-managed -- each vehicle will be able to communicate with the others. Intel brought to bear its expertise with WiMAX technology by creating and then testing the wireless connection built using its high-density and low-heat emission components.

"The technological challenge in an electrical vehicle is not its engine, but its batteries. For more than 100 years people have been producing very good electric motors, but until now, we didn’t know how to manage so much electrical power (58 kW/h) in a vehicle this light. Fétish proves that Intel® technology can offer us real-time management of these 7200 lithium-ion batteries, which demand extremely precise monitoring," stated Venturi CEO Gildo Pallanca-Pastor.