Vencore launches Applied Research Organization

June 30, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Vencore, Inc. has announced its new, transformational applied research organization, Vencore Labs. Vencore Labs delivers generation-after-next research and engineering solutions that enable government agencies, utilities and commercial enterprises to fuel the future growth and development of communications, data analytics and cyber security. From smart grids to smart phones, intelligent highways to intelligent battlefields, Vencore Labs exceeds the pace of traditional development models and delivers high-tech research, consulting and engineering that can be practically applied to solve real-world problems for its clients.

"Vencore Labs enables us to look beyond today and uncover new solutions and capabilities to solve tomorrow's challenges," says Mac Curtis, president and CEO of Vencore. "Our scientists, engineers and analysts are not only delivering solutions that no one else can, they are going beyond proof of concept and taking those solutions to market."

Vencore Labs is located in Basking Ridge, N.J. and most recently operated under the name Applied Communications Sciences (ACS). In 2013 Vencore acquired ACS, which employs more than 200 scientists, engineers and analysts. Fifty-five percent of the technical team members hold doctoral degrees and 50 percent are patent holders.

"Our team delivers the most advanced technologies and solutions," says Steve Omick, PhD, president, Vencore Labs. "For example, our SecureSMART technology is a comprehensive cyber security solution for smart grid networks, which helps prevent and stop the more than 10,000 cyber-attacks each month at utilities. And that is just one case of innovation already happening at Vencore Labs."

Vencore Labs is constantly refining and advancing its core competencies via a diverse portfolio of externally funded projects coupled with strategic internal investment dollars. In October 2014, the company was awarded the Cyber Security Applied Research and Experimentation Partner (AR&EP) Program, under the direction of the Army Research Lab (ARL). The 5-year, $48.5M single-award IDIQ contract highlights Vencore Labs' innovative leadership in cyber experimentation approaches in order to validate and transition basic research being performed in parallel on the ARL Cyber Security CRA (Collaborative Research Alliance) by a consortium of universities.

Vencore Labs innovation continues to earn priority funding despite on-going pressures on many government and commercial research budgets. Its research helps identify commercial solutions that can be refined and adapted to government-specific needs as well as government solutions that meet commercial demands.