Vector and CSM Partner on an E-Mobility Measurement System

December 09, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Electronic systems expert Vector and distributed measurement technology manufacturer CSM partnered on the development of a new E-Mobility measurement system.

The solution combines CSM measurement modules with Vector software to allow for easy scaling of several measurement tasks in e-mobility.

The modular toolbox of closely harmonized hardware and software is intended for the development of all types of electric and hybrid vehicles.


A HV-Breakout-Module
A HV-Breakout-Module. Image used courtesy of Vector.


Vector: Simplifying the Development of Automotive Electronics

Founded over three decades ago, Vector is a company focusing on the development of automotive electronics. 

Currently employing more than 3000 employees at 30 locations worldwide, the firm specializes in tools, software components, and services for developing embedded systems. 


Network interfaces for CAN (FD), LIN, J1708, Ethernet/IP, FlexRay, 802.11p and MOST.
Network interfaces for CAN (FD), LIN, J1708, Ethernet/IP, FlexRay, 802.11p and MOST. Image used courtesy of Vector.


Since 2009, Vector has also been supporting various universities in the development of practical projects of the Formula Student racing teams.

More recently, Vector founders Eberhard Hinderer, Martin Litschel and Dr. Helmut Schelling established the non-profit Vector Stiftung in 2011. The organization, based in Germany, pursues different projects around the goals of research for sustainability, knowledge building by education, and social commitment.


CSM: Distributed Measurement Technology Expertise

CSM, On the other hand, is an expert in manufacturing measurement modules and data loggers for the development of vehicles and components.

Specifically, CSM provides CAN and EtherCAT-based measurement technology, high-voltage-safe measurement modules, and data loggers for use in vehicles, machinery, and test benches.

Also, memory card drives, data loggers and storage media for industrial applications, and programming tools for electronic control units (ECUs).

Headquartered in Filderstadt, Germany, CSM counts more than 90 employees, of which the majority engineers with experience in both hardware and software development.

Outside Germany, CSM operates in the U.S. via subsidiary CSM Products, and in Asia partnering up with Vector Informatik.


The E-Mobility Measurement System

The new solution co-developed by Vector and CSM aims at solving traditional issues related to the validation of high voltage (HV) electrical systems, particularly those linked to sampling rate, HV safety, and scalability.

The modular E-Mobility Measurement System created as part of the new partnership is capable of simultaneously acquiring measurement signals from the HV network and ECUs.


Display and evaluation of measurement data in vMeasure.
Display and evaluation of measurement data in vMeasure. Image used courtesy of Vector.


The device is equipped with HV Breakout Modules from CSM, which are specially designed for decentralized and safe measurement applications on cables conducting HV.

Since the system is fully modular, additional HV BM shunt modules can be added for the best possible adaptation to the HV network.

In fact, the components of the E-Mobility Measurement System are structured into different expansion stages:

  • E-Mobility Basic Measurement System for most measurement tasks
  • Vector Data Logger and Interfaces for synchronous acquisition
  • CSM Data Loggers using UniCAN 3
  • Data Analysis and Measurement Data Management for additional, cloud-based measurements


According to Vector, current and voltage in the system are acquired synchronously in the HV BM at a data rate of up to 1 MHz (1 μs), while current and voltage measurement precision is better than 0.2%.

Several measurement points are necessary to check the efficiency and dynamic response of components, and they range between 10 to 20 in passenger cars, and more for heavy-duty vehicles.

In order to do so, the signals in the system are acquired synchronously by the vMeasure exp software from Vector and are then processed directly online to trigger specific events or to calculate other signals that are relevant to the test.


The vMeasure main interface.
The vMeasure main interface. Image used courtesy of Vector.


For more information about the new E-Mobility Measurement System by Vector and CSM, you can check out the product page at this link here.