Vanadium International Reports Fuel Cell Technology Advances

August 14, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Vanadium International Inc. (Reno, NV) stated that recent technological advancements in fuel cell technology imply that vanadium battery systems are rapidly emerging as a potential alternative for everyday use and, if these systems are fully implemented, they could beneficially affect vanadium demand. Current fuel cell systems under development allow electricity to be stored in rechargeable vanadium batteries that can be used for energy-storage systems, which has received recent attention for practical application and implementation. The vanadium battery system produces no emissions and can be recharged and discharged indefinitely, making it useful for the uninterruptible and nonvariable power supply essential for modern electronic information systems. The frictionless, efficient clean-energy process also produces very few harmful byproducts. Vanadium International expects to be in a position to supply raw materials for these new vanadium battery systems when its Nevada vanadium property is put into production. Plans are underway to secure the necessary financing for the development of these properties, which are considered to be one of the only viable vanadium deposits feasible for commercial production.