Valere Debuts New Battery Backup Test Software

July 27, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Valere Power (Richardson, TX) announced the availability of new battery testing software for its ac/dc telecommunications power distribution systems that gives carriers new visibility into the health and reliability of their battery backup systems, thus lowering operating costs and improving network reliability.

The new software runs a series of tests that can be configured to automatically generate alarms if a battery string fails the test, indicating that the string needs to be replaced. Key voltage, current and battery amperage hours are also tracked during the tests to help carriers better manage these systems.

The new software runs on Valere’s Compact DC Power System and Integrated Power System. The testing system works with popular valve-regulated, lead-acid batteries and newer battery technology. It is integrated with Valere’s Energy Trak graphical power system management software, allowing service providers to conduct testing remotely through the Internet or wide-area networks. Local testing may be performed using the multi-character display. Test data is maintained from the previous five tests for comparison purposes.

The software is shipping with all new Compact DC Power Systems and Integrated Power Systems models. For existing customers, the software is available as a free upgrade. To use the software, customers must have installed a LAN access card in the power supply.