Valence to Develop Batteries for Segway Transporters

November 04, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Valence Technology Inc. (Austin, TX) announced it has formed a joint technology development program with Segway LLC (Manchester, NH). Valence will work with Segway to develop long-range battery packs for Segway's Human Transporter, an electric, self-balancing transportation device. Financial terms of the deal have not been released.

Valence is developing battery packs that will use the company's Saphion product, a phosphate-based, lithium-ion battery. The new battery packs will allow the Segway to run for up eight hours on one charge -- double its current capacity. The company hopes the new capacity will make the Segway attractive to commercial users, such as postal workers and police officers. The companies expect the extended-range battery packs to be available by early 2005 for the Segway HTi Series models, and a software upgrade will make the batteries compatible with many previously released models.