UTC PC25 Fuel Cell Plant to Provide Distributed Power

July 25, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

UTC Fuel Cells (South Windsor, CT), a unit of United Technologies Corp. (South Windsor, CT), announced the installation by Austin Energy (Austin, TX) of a 200kW PC25 fuel cell system to provide 900,000btu of heat and distributed power at the Rebekah Baines Johnson Health Center in Austin, TX.

The PC25 uses a fuel processor to convert hydrocarbon fuels, typically natural gas, into a hydrogen-rich stream that is fed into the fuel cell. Electricity produced by the unit is fed into the electric grid. The health center is using the heat produced by the unit to heat water for the health center. While a traditional generating system produces as much as 25lbs of pollutants to generate 1,000kWh of electricity, the PC25 power plant produces less than 1oz.