Universal Power Enters Into Agreement With Amphenol – Tuchel Electronics

February 13, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Universal Power Group, Inc. announced that it has entered into a manufacturing and sales agreement with Amphenol – Tuchel Electronics ("Amphenol"), a division of Amphenol Corp., under which Amphenol will design, develop and manufacture connectors for UPG’s line of sealed lead-acid ("SLA") batteries.

The Amphenol connectors will be sold under the UPG UNIVERSAL™ brand. Outfitting UPG’s SLA batteries with these connectors is expected to reduce the risk of injuries resulting from improper installation of batteries, as the connectors eliminate the need for specific tools typically required to remove and install the batteries. In addition, they will reduce the time required to change out the batteries. SLA batteries are used in a broad spectrum of markets, including automotive, marine, security, consumer electronics, electric wheelchairs and other mobility items. Under the agreement, UPG will be the exclusive provider of Amphenol connectors to the wheelchair and medical mobility markets during the base term. The base term is three years and the agreement is renewable for successive one-year terms.

Randy Hardin, President & CEO of UPG, stated, "We are very excited about this partnership with Amphenol, one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. Standard SLA batteries currently sold into the medical mobility market require specific tools in order to safely change out the batteries. By outfitting our batteries with Amphenol customized connectors, the risk of injury and installation time is significantly reduced, as the connectors enable a technician or even a layperson to properly change out batteries without the use of tools. By marketing our batteries with customized connectors to leading medical mobility providers, we believe we have the opportunity to differentiate and strengthen the UPG brand name in the important medical mobility market."

Ken Beller, General Manager of Amphenol’s North American Automotive Division, stated, "We believe that the medical mobility market currently lacks a solution to safely change out batteries, which can lead to injuries for the end-user. Our customized connectors, which will be marketed alongside UPG’s SLA batteries, should address the need in the marketplace for improved product safety. Since a reputation for quality and safety will be critical in the success of these value-added connectors, we are pleased to partner with a highly regarded firm such as Universal Power Group."