Trimol Group and Aluminum Power Open Research Center

June 18, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Trimol Group Inc. (New York, NY) announced that it has opened its International Fuel Cell Research and Development Center in collaboration with Aluminum Power Inc. (Canada). The center is dedicated to the continued development of its aluminum-air fuel cell technology, which Trimol has licensed from Aluminum Power for use in portable consumer electronics. The new facility is located in Toronto and is the product of a joint effort between Trimol and Aluminum Power. The two companies will share the space and work jointly on the development of the aluminum-air fuel cell technology.

Trimol’s work at the research center will focus on the development of the aluminum-air fuel cell technology for use in portable consumer electronics. Aluminum Power's focus will be toward developing power sources for larger applications such as stationary and back-up power systems and portable generators. The center houses a prototype assembly facility and a spacious laboratory, together with a full complement of research and development staff, including mechanical engineers, design engineers, research

and development scientists, and support staff.

In addition to its immediate use as a technology development facility, Trimol believes that the center could provide an easily accessible facility for both companies to ready products for future full-scale production and commercialization.