TowerJazz Releases 140V Low RDS(on) Power Platform

June 17, 2019 by Scott McMahan

TowerJazz announced the release of its 140V low RDS(on) power platform, delivering significant high power efficiency at high voltages. This advanced offering extends the company's 90V technology platform that TowerJazz specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for cost-competitive, higher voltage integrated power management solutions for the industrial, consumer, computer, and automotive market segments.

With low layer count and use of bulk wafers, the company says that this platform is highly cost-effective, and therefore especially suited for battery management ICs, dc-dc converters, gate drivers, and motor drivers. Such battery management ICs can be used for consumer and industrial products including robots, drones, power, and garden tools.

"We are excited to announce the availability of our unique 140V RESURF low RDS(on) platform, targeted toward the expanding 48V ecosystem, serving multitude of market segments with numerous strategic customers already in early design stages, planning to ramp up to mass production in 2020," said Shimon Greenberg, Vice President of Power Management & Mixed-Signal/CMOS Business Unit, TowerJazz.

TowerJazz based its 140V RESURF (Reduced Surface Field) technology on its mature high volume 0.18μm power management platform.

Competitive features of the new 140V power platform include low-side and high-side low RDS(on), as well as LDMOS, bootstrap diodes, and floating capabilities. All of these features are offered with 140V breakdown voltages.

"With this advanced platform expansion, we are particularly excited to serve the rapidly growing automotive electrification market," said Dr. Amol Kalburge, head of the automotive program, TowerJazz. "We are already in volume production for battery management system for electrified vehicles using our current 140V DrainISO floating process. This new 140V RESURF platform provides all the features needed for our customers to improve even further the power efficiency of several best-in-class products and do so in an even smaller footprint."

Also, this new platform can also be used for 48V dc-dc converters in data centers and high voltage PoE ICs. Additional uses included automotive applications such as LED headlights, motor controllers and drivers, eFuses, and 48V power architecture in hybrid and electric vehicles.