TI Offers 2002 Power Supply Design Seminar

August 19, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI, Dallas, TX) announced the schedule for its 2002 North American Power Supply Design Seminar Series. TI will conduct a series of one-day seminars in 33 US and Canadian markets beginning on September 9, 2002. Additional seminars in Europe, Asia and South America will begin in the first quarter of 2003. The series continues the tradition of technical, but highly practical presentations that contain a blend of advanced power supply concepts, tutorial review of basic design principles and "hands-on" applications examples.

Topics for the seminar include Understanding and Optimizing Electromagnetic Compatibility in Switch-mode Power Supplies, Designing High Power Factor Off-Line Power Supplies, Achieving High Efficiency with a Multi-Output CCM Flyback Supply Using Self-Driven Synchronous Rectification, Transformer and Inductor Design for Optimum Circuit Performance, Under the Hood of Low-Voltage DC/DC Converters, Paralleling Power - Choosing and Applying the Best Technique for Load Sharing, and An Introduction to TI's Newest Power Supply Components.

The cost of the daylong seminar in North America is $95, excluding VAT. Pricing includes a continental breakfast, lunch, a copy of the seminar manual and presentation materials. For more information and to register call (800) 477-8924 or visit TI's web site.