Texaco Ovonic Battery Changes Name to COBASYS

March 16, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Texaco Ovonic Battery Systems LLC (Rochester Hills, MI) announced that it has changed its name to COBASYS. The name change reflects the company’s focus in the expanding fields for nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) storage solutions in the transportation and stationary power markets. COBASYS is a joint venture between Texaco Energy Systems LLC, a unit of ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures LLC, and a unit of Energy Conversion Devices Inc.

COBASYS President and CEO Thomas Neslage stated, "The new name better signifies our emerging business model of becoming a world-class battery system solutions company. Although our name is new, we remain fully committed to providing the most advanced, effective battery system solutions and rising to the challenge of two rapidly changing marketplaces. This year will mark the rollout of exciting new, high-quality products and systems that have been years in development."

COBASYS has developed new products and services for energy storage. Its NiMHax™ transportation battery systems provide flexible solutions for hybrid-electric vehicle applications, as well as 42 V and electric vehicle applications in the transportation industry. COBASYS is also developing integrated emergency and standby power systems solutions for telecommunications with its NiCOM™ and NiGUARD™ uninterruptible power supply pplications. COBASYS will continue offering products with the signature [email protected]® Ovonic® NiMH technology.