Synergistic Lighting Technologies Introduces New Tru-Spectrum Mercury Free 60W Light Bulb Technology

March 18, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Synergistic Lighting Technologies, LLC (SLT) announced what it describes as the modernization to the traditional 60W incandescent bulb. The Tru-Spectrum™ bulb is a modular bulb that utilizes a patent pending new filament wire fabrication method in a small replaceable light source driven by a 91% efficient power circuit.

According to the company, the Tru-Spectrum bulb rivals the energy efficiency of a Compact Fluorescent (CFL), while providing a pleasing lighting color, no dimming or temperature restriction, and no harmful mercury. The Tru-Spectrum bulb will also meet the new efficacy requirements required by US 2007 Energy Act which will cause the demise of the traditional older incandescent in 2014.

P. Clay Rucker, CEO of Synergistic Lighting Technologies commented, " We believe that energy efficiency should be balanced with functionality and more importantly safety. The Tru-Spectrum light bulb protects our children and environment because it contains no mercury or harmful materials that would pollute our streams and rivers. It reduces carbon emissions through a dramatic reduction in energy consumption rivaling that of CFLs. Its modular assembly, allows the consumer to replace just the light source thus reducing landfill space. However, we realize that you can have the best solution in the world, but if people can’t afford to buy it, then it isn’t beneficial. That is why we will be pricing the Tru-Spectrum bulb to be competitive with CFLs and LED lighting."

The company has initiated discussions with large retailers about distributing the new bulbs. The company is anticipating production units to be available at the end of this year.