Switch-Mode Power Conversion Mini-Course Offered

October 19, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Switch-Mode Power Conversion, an analog electronics design course, will be held April 4-6, 2001, at the Kellogg West Center for Continuing Education at California State Polytechnic University (Pomona, CA). The course will begin with a discussion of the purpose of power conversion, and will review fundamental physical concepts, basic converter topologies and modes of operation. Gradually it will delve into design formulation, isolated-converters and the canonical method. By the time the course ends, it will have covered such topics as state-space averaging, resonant power conversion, feedback theory and transformers as well as matrix transformer technology, power-factor correction and advanced topologies.

The intensive three-day-long course will be taught by K. Kit Sum for $1,100, and includes instruction, notes, parking and lunch, as well as drinks and snacks during breaks.