Switch 100kVA at 50kHz with SiC Power Evaluation Platform

October 23, 2017 by Paul Shepard

A new SiC Power Stack Evaluation Sample is available from Semikron. The Stack is rated to 100kVA at a switching frequency of 50kHz. This integrated assembly is driven by AgileSwitch Stack Electronics for use in a wide variety of systems including battery charging, solar energy and industrial applications.

Full Power Testing was performed at the rated specs to qualify the stack. A National Instruments GPIC and LabVIEW provided the user interface, pwm commands, and data capture.

The SiC Power Stack Evaluation Sample operates at 800Vdc with a peak output of 120Arms and supports a peak output power of 100kVA. The SiC Power Stack Evaluaion Sample features include:

  • Components:
    • Full SiC half bridge modules
    • High performance DC link
    • Air-cooled heatsink with fans
    • Current sensors
    • Isolated driver with protection
  • Configurable as a 3-phase inverter, active rectifier, or dc-dc converter
  • AgileSwitch driver
    • Dedicated SiC driver
    • Standard SKiiP®3 "GD" interface
    • Sensing:
      • Current
      • Voltage
      • Heatsink temperature
    • Protection:
      • Galvanic isolation
      • Short circuit (DESAT) detection
      • Over current
      • Over voltage
      • Over temperature
      • Interlock / dead time
      • Proven reliability
      • Low inductance: 15nH
      • Industry standard package
      • Cost effective

AgileSwitch Stack Electronics (click on schematic to enlarge)

AgileSwitch Stack Electronics provide a platform for designing a smart power conversion module. Each set includes:

  • One AgileSwitch Interface Board
  • Up to 3 AgileSwitch 62mm, EconoDual or PrimePack Series Gate Drivers

The Interface Board controls the Gate Drivers via a 20 pin ribbon cable that sends bi-directional signals for controlling, monitoring, and protecting the IGBT/SiC MOSFET while providing the host with real time information for voltage, temperature and current measurements for each half bridge. Stack Electronics are rated from 50kW to 500kW.