Sustainable Energy Technologies Completes Sunergy Gen II Proto-Typing & Testing

March 25, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. announced that it has successfully completed production proto-typing and internal CE certification testing for its second generation ("Gen II") Sunergy™ inverter on schedule; and that it has submitted two product platforms to the Canadian Standards Agency ("CSA") for North American UL 1741 certification.

The Gen II product platforms are based on the same patented core technologies, electronic circuits and software control algorithms that have been tested and proven in the field over the past two years. The new platform introduces what is described as a unique modular design philosophy that enables very high volume manufacturing of a single power electronics module to support multiple product applications and power ratings, ranging from 2.5 to 20kW.

"This is a proven manufacturing model used throughout the electronics industry, and made possible by Sustainable Energy’s low voltage technology. The model allows us to deliver what I believe will be the lowest manufactured cost per watt in the industry," said Greg Nelson, Executive Vice President and COO of Sustainable Energy. "We are on track with CSA, and on track with two contract manufacturers to begin deliveries early in Q3 to a growing list of customers for the Gen II product line, beginning with our Spanish partner, Salicru S.A.."

"We are focusing the first Gen II product platforms on thin film PV applications, because we believe that thin film PV has cost and performance advantages which will enable it to very quickly take a large share of the cost and IRR driven commercial rooftop market," stated Michael Carten, President & CEO of Sustainable Energy. "We are already seeing this in the European market, as the entry of lower cost thin film PV is driving down module prices in all market segments. Increasingly, we see distributors and system integrators moving away from conventional crystalline modules to thin film PV to lower system capital cost and increase investment yields. The Gen II platform will be the only inverter offering the PV marketplace the performance metrics of the "parallel" system architecture in a standard industry form factor, and with the cost/watt and conversion efficiencies that the industry needs to continue its drive for grid parity." With our products ready to go this summer, and contract manufacturing relationships in place to ramp production, we are well positioned to take advantage of profound and fundamental structural changes that are taking place in the industry."