Sustainable Energy Technologies Announces Development of Small Wind Turbine Inverter

June 15, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd has successfully completed the first field tests for a new inverter for grid connected small wind turbines. The wind inverter uses the same power electronics platform as the SUNERGY solar inverter with only software changes required to optimize energy capture from the wind turbine for which it is being developed.

"This represents another important milestone for Sustainable Energy," said Michael Carten President and CEO of the Company. "From the outset, our goal has been to develop a series of products for distributed electrical generation and storage applications, using the same proprietary power electronics platform. We are achieving this goal."

"The recently announced supply contract for solar inverters in Spain is testimony to the value of our unique 'low voltage' approach to power conversion in this market. Our technology is also recognized by leaders in the stationary fuel cell industry as one of the best power electronics solutions for grid connected power modules. With the introduction of a wind turbine inverter, we will be one of only two or three companies in the world actually delivering power electronics solutions for all the major alternative energy technologies."

"There is a rapidly growing market for small wind turbines in Europe and North America. We have a very competitive solution to the power conversion challenges facing the small wind turbine industry and our expectation is that we can gain a meaningful market share" Carten added.