Splashpower Offers Wireless Recharging Solution

October 27, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Splashpower Ltd. (Cambridge, England) announced its new Splashpower™ wireless recharging solution, which is suitable for use in PDAs, mobile phones, personal music players and portable gaming devices. The SplashModule enables immediate, safe and contactless recharging for the implementation of a wireless mobile lifestyle.

The Splashpower solution has two parts: the first is the SplashModule™, a sub-millimeter-thin receiver module that can be customized to any size, shape or curve of a device with no visible impact to product appearance. The SplashPad™ is a thin wireless charging platform that plugs into any electric outlet and can be built into any surface with no possibility of shock or discharge. Devices fitted with a SplashModule begin to recharge when placed on the SplashPad in a safe and contactless fashion. Multiple devices can be charged simultaneously on a single SplashPad, which conforms to worldwide safety standards and regulations.

The company is currently in discussions with consumer and mobile electronics companies to evaluate and integrate the Splashpower solution into next-generation product offerings. Splashpower technology is immediately available for consideration and license by interested OEMs.