Solis Energy Joins Tropos Solution Partner Network To Provide Alternative Power Solutions For Wireless Network Deployments

July 26, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Solis Energy, a global provider of alternative outdoor power sources, has joined Tropos Network’ Troposphere Solution Partner Network program. Tropos states that it is the market leader in wireless IP broadband networks and with its Troposphere Solution Partners, helps customers in building complete solutions for Smart City and Smart Grid networks. With Solis, Tropos networks can be designed around the limitations of an existing power infrastructure.

Integrators can more easily recommend and deploy an optimal power configuration for customers’ wireless network – whether it is a Solar Power Plant for remote installations, a Continuous Power Bridge to bridge daytime gaps when connecting to gang-switched lights, or a UPS when power is unreliable – based on their specific network design and equipment requirements. Solis Energy’s Solar Power Plant also supports Tropos Network’s "green" initiatives to build a new communications infrastructure that conserves the global environment. Applications include wireless networks for utilities, intelligent transportation systems, government, public safety and public access.

"Solis brings to the table custom-configured power solutions for our products that take into account installation location and environmental conditions," said John Griebling, Director of System Engineering at Tropos Networks. "We feel these solutions provide a flexibility and reliable alternative for powering Tropos’ routers in the field."

"Tropos is a well-known and greatly respected leader in the outdoor wireless network industry," said Solis Energy’s Founder and CEO Robert Reynolds. "We are pleased to be partnering with them to supply the critical power components necessary to provide a complete wireless solution to customers."