Smith & Wesson Announces Two-Year Agreement with Zapworld.Com

March 19, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Smith & Wesson (Springfield, MA), one of the world's leading firearm makers, announced that a two-year agreement has been reached with EV manufacturer Zapworld.Com (ZAP, Sebastopol, CA). Smith & Wesson launched its bicycle division three years ago to produce and distribute law-enforcement bicycles. Each company has agreed to an exclusive arrangement in which Smith & Wesson will provide bicycles for use with the patented ZAP electric motor system. Smith & Wesson, which already has over 500 agencies using its bikes on a daily basis, will now be offering with each model the optional power-assisted system provided by ZAP, and likewise, ZAP's law-enforcement bike technology will only be available on the Smith & Wesson bicycle.

"This alliance gives our customers one more advantage in the fight against crime," says Smith & Wesson Sales Manager Brooks Van Holt. "ZAP's modular system is easily adaptable to all Smith & Wesson law-enforcement bicycles, turning them into a formidable tool for crime prevention."