Sirenza Awarded Transimpedance Amplifier Patent

July 15, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Sirenza Microdevices Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA), a designer and supplier of radio frequency (RF) components for communications equipment manufacturers, announced the recent award of US patent #6, 590, 455 entitled, "Common-base amplifier with high-input overload and/or tunable transimpedance." It is Sirenza's fifth US patent awarded in the area of fiber optic amplifier ICs, and discloses an approach for improving the performance and manufacturability of fiber optic receivers.

"This innovation can provide electronic transimpedance bandwidth tuning intended to compensate performance variation due to module assembly parasitics, and photonic and semiconductor device fabrication," stated Kevin Kobayashi, director of Advanced Design. "These circuits allow us to address the technical challenge of integrating and reproducing transimpedance amplifiers for fiber optic photo-receivers. In addition, this invention can help enhance overload performance over the bandwidth tuning operation."