SimpliPhi Looks to Maximize Power Efficiency With New 3.8 kWh AmpliPhi Battery

October 02, 2020 by Nicholas St. John

SimpliPhi releases the 3.8 kWh AmpliPhi battery loaded with communication and BMS capabilities, giving it the brains to manage a variety of electrical loads at maximum efficiency.

SimpliPhi, a company based in Oxnard, California, that manufactures batteries using the non-toxic Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, along with their novel power electronics and battery management systems (BMS) have released their newest battery, the 3.8 kWh AmpliPhi. 

According to a press release, the true innovation of this battery is not the production of 3.8 kWh of clean energy, but instead is the brain of the battery, which provides an intelligent, data-centric battery that has the capability to communicate information to the user and the power management system it is a part of. AmpliPhi has the capability to send data in real-time to the system or user in order to manage a variety of electrical loads autonomously, or give the user information to make any necessary adjustments as soon as possible.


Image Courtesy of SimpliPhi
Image Courtesy of SimpliPhi


The AmpliPhi’s integrated BMS system is simple to work with, yet powerful in function as it tracks and measures the temperature, voltage, current, state of charge and state of health of the battery in real-time, sending the data to the rest of the equipment in the system. While temperature, current and voltage are obvious metrics to measure for system characteristics, the state of charge and state of health are extremely useful to know. This is because these two parameters are required in order to model the cost savings of the current energy storage system, allowing users to make adjustments to maximize cost savings. It also communicates with the inverter, allowing it to maximize battery life and increase efficiency. 

All of this combined increases the overall safety and total lifecycle of the battery. The robust capabilities of this BMS system can benefit not only businesses and utilities by giving a comprehensive overview of power demands allowing for adjustments based on electrical loads or ongoing projects, but also by homeowners who can see and adjust their Time Of Use (TOU) metrics based on the given data. 

While having a very robust software to communicate with the system, AmpliPhi also is able to be fully integrated in other software platforms, allowing flexibility and ease of integration into any system.

While the intelligent circuitry is the main driver for the system, the battery technology itself is not something to look over at all. The battery comes with an industry leading 10 year, 10,000 cycle warranty, and at End of Life (EOL) the battery still has a rated capacity at 80%, allowing the battery to be used in a myriad of applications for many years after it’s lifecycle. 

The BMS also allows the system to serve a variety of electrical loads, as it will recalculate set points to maximize efficiency and lifetime of the battery based on the load it is driving, giving scalability of performance without changing any of the hardware at all. This allows the system to quickly respond and be capable to drive the load for different performance criterias.

SimpliPhi is paving the way for smart grid energy storage systems with the AmpliPhi battery, by continuing to manufacture top of the line battery technology with new and extensive intelligent circuitry to manage the system it is a part of, and communicate with the outside world, giving the data needed to further optimize the system it is a part of.