siGEN Reports Contract with the Unst Partnership

February 01, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

siGEN Ltd. (Aberdeen, Scotland) announced a £183,000 contract with the Unst Partnership, a community project in the UK’s most Northerly Island, for the installation of a renewable energy, hydrogen production and fuel cell project in Shetland. The Unst Partnership developed the Promoting Unst Renewable Energy (PURE) project devised by a local engineer.

SiGEN was instrumental in assisting the shaping of the project and providing technical support. SiGEN will act as host company for a knowledge transfer program with a Scottish university. The project will install two wind turbines, electrolyzer, hydrogen storage facilities and a 5 kW fuel cell system into the Hagdale Business Park on Unst in Shetland. The PURE project is the first such hydrogen project to be installed in Scotland.

Sandy Macaulay, project manager of the Unst Partnership, stated, "to be able to achieve this goal is tremendously liberating for local communities. It offers real prospects of breaking energy dependence on international oil markets. Of equal importance is that it offers communities business and employment opportunities that may help stem the loss of young people from remote communities. We are referring to this process as the Hydrogen Liberation Movement."