Schweizer Electronic Joins the European Center for Power Electronics

February 15, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Schweizer Electronic AG has joined the European Center for Power Electronics e.V. (ECPE), a network of industrial enterprises from the field of power electronics as well as universities and research institutions. "As a leading PCB company for power electronics solutions, we are very interested in the ECPE network and its activities. The regular exchange between production and institutional research and development is vital for the further development and competitiveness of a company, which is active in such a dynamic business sector," says Christian Roessle, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Schweizer Electronic AG.

“Over the last years, PCBs have become more and more important as platform for power electronics solutions. Thanks to its heavy copper-, inlay-, combi- and IMS boards as well as the p² Pack, SCHWEIZER is a leading manufacturer in this sector. Becoming part of the ECPE community therefore is a logical consequence. As member of the ECPE, we will have quick access to the latest research projects and programs enabling us to further expand our regular exchange as regards innovative solutions, and this benefits our customers as well,” Roessle concluded.

The ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.V. was founded in 2003 by eight industrial enterprises as an industry-driven Research Network for Power Electronics in Europe. In the meantime the network comprises more than 75 member companies. Furthermore, more than 80 European universities and research institutes are integrated in the network as so called Competence Centres.