Schneider Electric, Legrand & Scame join forces for Creation of EV Plug Alliance

March 22, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Schneider Electric, Legrand & Scame announced that they are forming the EV Plug Alliance, to promote the use of a high safety plug and socket solution for Electric Vehicle charge infrastructure.

The rapid adoption of a European standard for Electric Vehicle infrastructure plugs that meets the existing security levels required for installation in homes and buildings at an optimized cost is a key factor to develop the nascent Electric Vehicle market. The Alliance aims to provide a label that guarantees full compliance with the Type 3 of the IEC standard for plug & socket in finalization.

The plug endorsed by the Alliance will ensure compatibility between multiple suppliers’ products. Charge at a power up to 24 kW, in mono or three phase installations will allow charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. It will offer the highest level of safety with the use of shutters to protect against accidental touch of electric parts.

"The EV Plug Alliance is open to any new member, and our first challenge is to gather as many actors concerned as possible. The more we enlarge the Alliance, the more chances we will have to create an eco-system with one strong standard, easing development of solutions and practical applications to revolutionize the electric vehicle charge", said the three cofounders of the EV Plug Alliance; Philippe Delorme, Executive Vice-President Strategy & Innovation of Schneider Electric; Jean-Charles Thuard, Executive Vice-President Strategy & Development of Legrand; and Gianpietro Camilli, Marketing & Product Development Director of Scame.

The first products labeled by the EV Plug Alliance are planned to be available at the end of second quarter 2010.