Safran Acquires Neelogy, a Supplier of Specialized Current Sensors

July 24, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Safran Electrical & Power has acquired Neelogy, a French firm that has developed what they claim to be a disruptive technology for electrical current sensors that are customized to the needs of the more electric aircraft, as well as hybrid and full-electric propulsion.

Since 2006, Neelogy has been developing and marketing dc and ac measurement sensors that boast unrivaled precision. According to Neelogy, its current sensors eliminate remanence thanks to their exceptional magnetic properties.

In particular, Neelogy patented the Neel Effect® sensor technology (see sensor above) that makes it possible to measure high-intensity direct currents over a wide range of intensities without overheating. The Néel effect, the name of the property upon which the Neelogy sensors are based,  occurs when a superparamagnetic material in a conducting coil is exposed to varying frequencies of magnetic fields.

The company's technology is said to be resistant to severe operating conditions including temperature, vibration, and EMI, and it boasts high accuracy on weak and strong currents.

Extremely lightweight, compact, and capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions, Neelogy says that the sensors meet the growing needs of aeronautics in terms of electrical power management and also meet the needs of high-power, energy storage, and network monitoring.

"We are delighted with this purchase and have high expectations because Neelogy's technology is really unique and will bring real added value to our electrical systems. There has been no breakthrough in the field of current sensors for 20 years, even though they represent a key element in electrical distribution, power management and electrical network monitoring," said Alain Sauret, President of Safran Electrical & Power.

"I am pleased that the Neel Effect® sensor technology we have been working on for years is now finding a solid industrial backing and, what is more, in the aeronautical industry, which is currently the best sector in which to showcase our invention. Today we are entering a new chapter in our history," said Lionel Cima, co-founder and CEO of Neelogy.