RWE SCHOTT Intros SunRoof FS Solar System

May 06, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

RWE SCHOTT Solar Inc. (Billerica, MA) introduced the SunRoof FS, a free-standing, solar-electric system designed for flat-roof commercial and public buildings. The SunRoofTM FS offers a simple, unobtrusive design that requires no roof penetrations and can be installed up to 80% faster than competing photovoltaic systems. The system is available in standard 30kW, 45kW and 100kW sizes and can be customized to meet any energy requirements.

The system’s lightweight mounting structure (<4lbs/ft²) is comprised of rugged materials and a stainless steel base that will withstand intense UV radiation, high and low temperatures, as well as high winds or earthquakes. The open-air structure of the system allows for air circulation and cooling beneath the modules and easy access for inspection and roof maintenance. The SunRoofTM FS system’s tilted solar arrays provide power generation with maximum cooling and drainage.

The SunRoof FS has a 5° tilt angle, even on flat rooftops, which improves system performance, generating up to 4% more energy than a flat array. It also has increased output due to cooler operating temperatures.