Rutronik and Jauch Quartz America Pen Distribution Agreement for North America

November 27, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Rutronik, Inc. and Jauch Quartz America Inc., a subsidiary of Jauch Quartz GmbH in Germany, announced an agreement for Rutronik to distribute the complete Jauch product portfolio of PCB timing-devices and batteries for wireless applications in the North and South American markets, effective immediately.

In addition to a variety of battery types, such as lithium, nickel-metal hydride, lead, and alkaline batteries, Jauch America produces timing devices, including quartz crystals, quartz oscillators, and MEMS oscillators, for a wide range of applications.

In support of its broad product portfolio, Jauch offers customers design assistance and technical support, including failure analysis. The company's globally-positioned logistics system enables delivery of products with short lead times, providing customers with an overall solution for frequency control and battery components.

Synergies between Jauch's innovative products and Rutronik's sales support

Both companies noted the synergies between Rutronik as an innovative, global broad-line distributor with superior customer support, and Jauch as an equally innovative supplier for frequency control devices and batteries.

"In our rigorous evaluation process for a distribution partner, Rutronik was our first choice, because of their commitment to innovation," said Christian Schwenk, president, Jauch Quartz America Inc. "We are looking forward to working together, and are confident that our mutual customers will benefit from this agreement."

"With Jauch Quartz America Inc., Rutronik has gained a valuable partner in the field of timing devices and battery solutions for the North American market," said Mary Ellen Bauchman, director product marketing, Rutronik Inc. "Their range of high-quality devices is an ideal complement for our product portfolio."