ROHM to Demo 60Vdc-to-0.8Vdc Direct Conversion, Wireless Charging and More at APEC 2019

February 27, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The ROHM Group will showcase their latest power technologies and solutions for the Industrial, Automotive, and Consumer fields at APEC 2019 on March 17th - 21st at the Anaheim Convention Center. Demos highlighting key products will also be shown.

Typically, when stepping down from a high input voltage to a low output voltage, multiple power down stages are required to maintain high efficiency. In contrast, ROHM’s novel solution utilizes proprietary Nano Pulse Control to convert voltages as high as 60V down to 0.8V without the need to step down to intermediate voltages while still maintaining high efficiency. This is achieved through an unprecedented minimum pulse width of 20ns that enables direct conversion from 60V to 3.3V at 2.1MHz. ROHM also guarantees long-term support for the industrial sector.

ROHM’s automotive wireless solution allows vehicle occupants to charge their smartphones and tablets wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables. Simply place the device on the center console to initiate charging. The innovative solution combines ROHM’s Qi-compliant wireless charging IC with ST Micro’s NFC IC for communicating with the vehicle system and managing power transfer when an NFC card is detected.

The continued integration of IoT in the industrial space has increased demand for equipment to operate for longer times on batteries. One major factor that determines battery life is the quiescent current of the circuit. ROHM offers a buck converter featuring an industry-leading quiescent current of just 180nA that supports output currents up to 500mA. Constant ON Time (COT) control together with Ultra-Low Power (ULP) mode provide superior transient response and prolong battery life by providing excellent light load efficiency below the 10µA load range.

Most industrial devices currently being used in the market require some type of step-down/-up voltage regulators to power analog and digital circuits. However, industrial systems typically operate at high voltages between 24V and 72V, which is incompatible with the 3.3V to 12V needed for electronic circuits. ROHM’s industrial dc-dc lineup includes products supporting input voltages up to 76V that can provide a wide range of output voltages at high efficiency. Evaluation boards are also offered that can reduce design load considerably.