Riello Purchases Advance Galatrek's UPS Business

March 09, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Riello UPS, Europe's second largest manufacturer of UPS equipment, announced the purchase of the uninterruptible power systems sales and service business of Advance Galatrek (UK, Advance Electronics Ltd.), the UK's leading provider of power protection solutions for the IT, communications, commerce and industrial sectors. The new business will be known in the UK as Riello Galatrek Ltd., and will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Riello Elettronica (Italy).

The remainder of Advance Galatrek's existing power quality management business, including voltage-surge suppressor, constant-voltage transformer and voltage-stabilizer manufacturing, will continue to operate from its current premises as Advance Electronics Ltd., under the AEL Group brand. Products offered will include Riello designed and manufactured uninterruptible power systems, ranging up to 6mVA, complemented by UK-sourced battery extension packs and UPS accessories.

Roberto Facci, Riello UPS sales and marketing director, commented, "The purchase of Advance Galatrek's UPS business provides us with a stable platform through which to support our UK partners and to grow our overall market share. Our philosophy of global reach, combined with local knowledge, means that Riello Galatrek will be able to capitalise on the key customer and supplier relationships that have been forged over the past few years, while calling on the vast resources of Riello UPS as global partner."