Richardson adds Power and Microwave Technologies Group

July 01, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. announced today the launch of a new business group, Power & Microwave Technologies (PMT). The PMT group encompasses Richardson Electronics' existing Electron Device Group (EDG) and adds new technologies and engineered solutions for the power conversion and RF and microwave markets.

“The PMT group will focus on adding new suppliers and technologies to take advantage of high growth markets and leverage our global infrastructure, including sales, marketing, engineering solutions and logistics,” said Edward Richardson, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Richardson Electronics. “Under the direction of Greg Peloquin, PMT combines new technologies and capabilities with our existing EDG business to maximize associated selling opportunities of both electron tubes and solid-state products.”

Greg Peloquin, Executive Vice President, PMT, brings considerable experience and expertise in the RF and microwave, power and energy, and electron tube markets to his PMT group leadership role. Prior to joining Richardson Electronics in June 2014, as Executive Vice President, EDG, Mr. Peloquin served as president of Richardson RFPD, Inc. From 2002 to 2011, he was executive vice president and general manager of Richardson Electronics’ RF & Wireless Communications Group. Earlier in his career, Mr. Peloquin was director of global distribution for Motorola, Inc.’s wireless infrastructure division.

“I am eager to establish and grow the PMT group,” Mr. Peloquin responded. “Richardson Electronics’ solid customer base, highly technical sales and engineering teams, and global infrastructure are critical to solidifying partnerships with new suppliers who offer innovative products and technologies. These superior solutions simplify and expedite customer design cycles paving the way for increased sales in high-growth markets.”