Rayovac Announces New I-C3 Technology

June 18, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Rayovac (Madison, WI) announced that it will be introducing its new I-C3 (in-cell charging control) technology in the summer of 2003, which will offer a cost-performance proposition for digital cameras, hard-disk digital-audio players, camcorders, and other high-drain electronic devices. The new technology will feature a charging time of just 15 minutes and Rayovac's AA batteries based on the I-C3 technology will eventually offer 2,200mAh of capacity.

The new I-C3 system relies on a mechanical pressure switch that is housed inside the battery, under the positive terminal. During charging, the switch allows current to flow into the battery until the pressure inside the cell reaches a level that indicates a full charge, at which point the switch opens and stops the current flow. By eliminating control circuitry, the system translates into a less costly charger, allows faster charging times and is inherently safe, according to the company.