Program Announced for Darnell’s Power China "Solutions for Next-Generation Power Designs"

April 04, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

The program has been announced for the first-annual Darnell’s Power China (DPC ’12), to be hosted at the Parkyard Hotel Shanghai in Pudong Shanghai, May 15-16. DPC ’12 is an exciting international event that focuses on "Solutions for Next-Generation Power Designs." Speakers in the Plenary Session will represent General Electric Research and Development, Texas Instruments, Ericsson Electronics Co. and Darnell Group.

Plenary Session topics will include: "Development Status of Digital Power Implementations," "GE Smart Grid Technology Portfolio Overview," "Performance Improvement of Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converters by using Hybrid Digital Control," and "Digital to Win." DPC ’12 is broadly focused on power management, energy efficiency, advanced components, energy storage, smart grid innovations and more. The program includes extensive networking opportunities during a hosted lunch on both days. The content and structure of the forum has been guided by a predominantly Chinese Advisory Committee, and represents the specific interests and needs of Chinese power converter makers and original equipment manufacturers.

Building on the success of Darnell’s Power Forum, hosted annually for the past nine years, DPC will be a China-specific, two-day international event that serves the needs of an audience of power system designers, technology developers and decision makers who are interested in learning about and contributing to practical advancements related to the latest powering solutions. Some of the advanced technologies that will be presented at DPC ’12 will include: new digital controller ICs, SiC power transistors, high-voltage dc for data center applications, trends in microgrids, developments in power factor correction, electromagnetic compatibility, and more.

"Shanghai is a major research and design center for all types of power converters, and understanding the latest developments in advanced components and design techniques is increasingly important in this community of power engineers," stated Jeff Shepard, president of Darnell Group. "The extensive practical information at Darnell’s Power China will provide power design engineers a unique opportunity to ’learn today and design tomorrow,’" Shepard concluded

PMBus is the longest-continuous sponsor for Darnell’s Power Forum, hosted annually in Silicon Valley, California, and now PMBus is actively supporting the inaugural edition of Darnell’s Power China. Digital Power and Advanced Components are common threads in most areas of advanced power conversion and will be a key focus of Darnell’s Power China.

The DPC ’12 web site is here.

More news and information regarding the latest developments in Smart Grid electronics can be found at Darnell’s SmartGridElectronics.Net.