Primus Power and Eaton Partner on Flow BESS

April 26, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Primus Power announced a strategic collaboration with power management company Eaton to deliver low-cost, long-duration flow battery energy storage solutions for utility, commercial and industrial customers. Primus will work with Eaton's turnkey project management team and power systems engineers to help customers more easily and effectively develop high-performance energy storage and microgrid solutions for critical applications requiring secure, safe, efficient and reliable power. The joint solution can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into Eaton's microgrid energy system, which is designed to help simplify and expedite the deployment of complex microgrid and energy storage systems.

"By working with Primus, we can help customers simplify the challenging task of deploying secure, reliable and cost-effective microgrid and energy storage systems with flow battery technology," said John Stampfel, vice president and general manager, Electrical Engineering Services and Systems Division, Eaton. "With our expansive service organization and extensive knowledge of power system engineering, Eaton provides customers with a comprehensive suite of services and solutions to help support always-on power, while effectively managing energy and lowering operational costs."

Primus CEO Tom Stepien referenced the collaboration with Eaton as an excellent relationship for Primus. "Eaton's power products are known for enabling innovation, fast-tracking breakthrough technology transitions, and turning disruptive product ideas into commercial realities," he said. "They bring rock-solid engineering ingenuity to the table, as well as a keen awareness of how to develop and commercialize a robust microgrid energy system that delivers powerful advantages. It's a win-win collaboration for us. We're excited to work with this expert team."

Primus brings its EnergyPod® flow battery systems and related services to the collaboration. Primus' patented storage technology pairs zinc bromide chemistry with novel technical innovations to deliver optimum performance and multi-decade battery lifetime, at a low levelized cost of energy. Engineered for flexibility and long duration, Primus batteries economically serve a variety of energy storage applications that require multi-hour, daily duty.

Eaton's microgrid energy system is engineered to help customers deploy stand-alone power systems using existing and new assets with the adaptability to easily meet future needs. The system incorporates Eaton's new Power Xpert Energy Optimizerâ„¢ controller and provides a modular, scalable approach to microgrid control in military, campus, utility, healthcare, commercial, community, and other applications. The microgrid energy system and controller are configurable for specific requirements and designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of energy storage configurations and solutions from various battery manufacturers.

A demonstration of the new flow battery system will be installed at Eaton's facility in Hayward, California, in close proximity to Primus' global headquarters. By collaborating with global leaders like Eaton, Primus is accelerating its commercialization activities.