Predictive EMI Launches PREMI PRO Analysis System

July 17, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Predictive EMI Ltd. (UK) announced the launch of its PREMI PRO interference analysis system, which targets EMI noise, the source impedance of the product under test. When used as an extension to current EMC test systems, the PREMI PRO accurately provides detailed information that allows for quicker and cheaper diagnosis of the problem and optimization of suppression components.

PREMI PRO reduces the time to diagnose and solve conductive EMI noise problems, and determines the actual source impedance mode interference. The first product utilizing the PREMI PRO technology will cover conducted testing from 150kHz to 30MHz, and is aimed for use on equipment with maximum ratings of 16A/250V/60Hz. The software allows the user to select the optimum suppression component that suits their noise profile from a database of suppression components to reduce time even further, as well as being a filter development tool.