Powermat’s Mobile Engagement Platform to Drive Repeat Business

March 02, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Powermat Technologies announced its wireless charging platform can help businesses of all sizes improve customer engagement and increase sales by providing them with the personalized marketing tools necessary to drive repeat business. Cloud connected charging spots make Powermat unique in the industry, as it's currently the only wireless charging platform on the market to offer businesses the opportunity to engage with customers across multiple touch points—before they're in the store, while they're in it, and after.

"Customers have deep connections with their phones, and an expectation of instant communication or immediate access to information has created a real fear of running out of battery," said Thorsten Heins, Chief Executive Officer of Powermat Technologies. "Powermat's mobile engagement solution alleviates this fear by offering a phone charging service that not only provides customers with power, but also provides businesses with the ability to attract, engage and service customers in a much more meaningful way."

Helping businesses become optimized for mobile, Powermat's engagement platform is a marketing tool through which businesses can send customized offers, tailored content and special rewards to customers in order to generate repeat business and increased revenue. Best of all, brick-and-mortar businesses can better understand their customers.

Once customers download the Powermat app, required to enable charging at participating Powermat locations, businesses can use customizable, geo-targeted push-notifications to send information to a customer on-site, or to share offers and content when a customer is nearby. When customers lay their smartphone on a Powermat Charging Spot, businesses can then send them contextual messages such as special offers, surveys and in-store deals that help generate customer loyalty and even drive a second purchase. Finally, businesses can bring customers back in store by running gratitude campaigns that, through push notifications, entice customers with loyalty points, rewards and other exciting promotions.

Since Powermat’s mobile engagement platform is built on a cloud infrastructure with portals for each client, venues can also easily customize offers to match their customers’ specific needs. Businesses have the tools to analyze users of the service and marketing metrics. Additionally, venues can build campaign calendars and time their campaigns to a specific time of day and/or location, depending on peak periods at their store and/or the type of customer they’re trying to attract.

“E-commerce retailers have a rich knowledge of consumer preferences and buying habits due to the digital nature of their business, but traditional brick and mortar operators need and want help catching up,” said Carlo Chiarello, Chief Product Officer of Powermat Technologies. “Our engagement platform gives businesses the -customizable marketing tools they need to learn more about their customers and serve them better.”

Powermat technology helps businesses drive reoccurring revenue, and generate a solid return on investment on any wireless charging installation. In a recent online customer survey conducted by Powermat, 4 out of 5 respondents said they’d frequent a venue with wireless charging at least once more per week. In addition, 86 percent said they’d spend more time at a store, and 56 percent said they’d spend more money while there.

As pioneers in the wireless charging industry, Powermat has attained a great deal of mass market installation experience over the past decade. Whether a business owner is opening a new location or retrofitting a store, Powermat has created a scalable process that’s seamless, and extremely efficient with almost no impact on daily operations.