PowerGenix Selects Manufacturing Partner to Produce Sealed Rechargeable Nickel-Zinc Batteries

February 21, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

PowerGenix, Inc. announced that, in order to prepare for its ramp-up phase, it has entered into an agreement with Hunan Corun Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. for high volume production and Asian distribution of its NiZn batteries.

"Nickel Zinc has always been the holy grail of chemical composition," stated Joseph A. Carcone, Vice President of PowerGenix. "The limiting factor has always been reliability and cycle life, which PowerGenix has solved. First, the PowerGenix ’secret sauce’ electrolyte is a deterrent, as is their separator material and the sealed cylindrical spirally wound design. In fact, we own many patents on the solution."

PowerGenix’s CEO Dan Squiller commented, "Because of the fervent response we’ve already experienced to our new nickel-zinc batteries, particularly from a sampling of the most demanding users of nickel-cadmium batteries, it became very clear that we needed to select a manufacturing partner that could respond to the unique demands of the cordless power tool market. This made the selection of our manufacturing partner a critical decision. As we ramp our production, Corun’s technical expertise, innovative manufacturing techniques, and commitment to nickel-zinc chemistry will help ensure we meet the existing and evolving needs of the marketplace."

Chen Zhen Bing, General Manager of Corun, stated, "PowerGenix’s innovative nickel-zinc battery chemistry is a revolutionary step in achieving long life cycle and high specific energy. We’re excited that we were chosen to produce such a groundbreaking and environmentally-friendly technology. Because we are a leading producer of nickel-metal hydride batteries, we have the right equipment, quality processes and personnel to produce the PowerGenix cells, and we are well prepared for PowerGenix’s ramp-up phase."

PowerGenix has developed and patented a next-generation NiZn sealed rechargeable battery technology especially suited as a replacement in high power NiCd and NiMH applications. PowerGenix’s initial products will target high rate discharge applications such as cordless power tools as well as military applications; with longer term plans to enter other markets, including the emerging Light Electric Vehicle and selected consumer product segments. The company claims that its battery technology offers key strategic advantages including high performance, low cost and safety – all without the toxic environmental impact associated with today’s commonly used rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries. With this strategic agreement now in place, the company believes that it has greatly enhanced its production capabilities and is well positioned to meet the high volume demand of the rechargeable battery industry.