Power Technology Receives Patent for New Battery Structure

May 17, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Power Technology Inc. (Las Vegas, NV) announced that it has been awarded Patent Number 6,060,198 for a new electrochemical battery structure, an important milestone toward the company's goal of developing a superior battery that has higher power, lower weight, lower production costs and is environmentally friendly.

Preliminary results of Power Technology's new, patented battery structure show that the new structure reduces battery weight, increases capacity and uses less lead compared to standard lead-acid batteries.

"Preliminary tests with the new battery designs have shown great promise, and development of a new chemistry is advancing rapidly," noted Alvin Snaper, Power Technology's vice president of development and a member of the board of directors.

Power Technology is currently working to develop an optimized lead-acid battery design, that can be commercially produced and marketed by OEMs, which will have all the same form factors and voltage levels as existing automotive and industrial batteries used for starting, lighting and ignition, and deep-cycle applications such as golf carts and EVs.

Lee Balak, president of Power Technology, stated, "The combination of benefits from the new, patented battery structure and the new battery chemistry under development, will give us a superior battery with higher power, less weight and reduced production costs. If widely adopted, this new battery type has the potential to make EVs a practical alternative for automobile drivers, and hence, significantly lower auto emissions in our cities."