Power Integrations Helps Earn New ENERGY STAR Label

January 09, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Power Integrations Inc. (San Jose, CA), a leader in power conversion semiconductor technology, announced that its EcoSmart technology enables manufacturers to earn the Energy Star label for their external power supplies. An expansion of the Energy Star program announced this week by the US Environmental Protection Agency addresses external power supplies.

The new Energy Star standards, effective immediately, are a continuation of ongoing global efforts to reduce energy waste from inefficient, low-tech external power supplies. Power Integrations offers a range of cost-effective solutions to help manufacturers meet the new Energy Star standards. The company’s integrated circuits with EcoSmart technology enable the design and manufacture of power supplies that consume only a fraction of the electricity wasted by linear transformers and many discrete designs.

“By using Power Integrations ICs in place of older technologies, manufacturers can produce power supplies that are both smaller and more energy-efficient,” said Power Integrations President and CEO Balu Balakrishnan. “The Energy Star label allows consumers to select products that are not only energy-efficient, but also have the convenience of reduced size and weight. Our cost-effective power supply solutions have already been adopted by manufacturers around the world to meet the requirements of energy-efficiency programs such as the European Commission Code of Conduct, the US One-Watt Executive Order, the Japanese Top Runner program, and many other regulations and standards.”