Power Analog Microelectronics Acquires MicroSilicon

August 16, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Power Analog Microelectronics Inc. (PAM, Shanghai, China), a developer of digital audio amplifiers and power-management semiconductors, announced the acquisition of MicroSilicon Inc. (Shanghai, China), a power-management IC design company. The acquisition will give PAM a quick entry into several chip markets, such as personal multimedia players, portable digital televisions, and multimedia handsets.

"We are very pleased with the joining of design talents from MicroSilicon to our already strong local research and development team in Shanghai," said PAM President and CEO Johnston Chen. "This acquisition further solidifies our commitment to build a first-class technology company with a heavy emphasis in the Chinese market."

"Power Analog Microelectronics has assembled an impressive management team and is well positioned to play a major role in shaping China's analog and power management IC industry," stated MicroSilicon Technology President and CEO Sean Da. "My team and I are real excited to be part of this expanding organization and look forward to building new advanced products based on the core intellectual properties that have already been developed at both companies."