Philips Semiconductors Transfers IPC Line to Its Semiconductors Division

February 08, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Philips Semiconductors (Sunnyvale, CA), an affiliate of Royal Philips Electronics, recently announced the transfer of the Integrated Passive Components (IPC) product line from its Components division to its Semiconductors division. The company plans the new structure to help speed time-to-market for integrated discrete devices used in mobile phones and pagers, computer and peripheral products, and applications with severely limited board space.

The new business unit, Integrated Discretes, combines the design and production of IPCs and very small-scale integration (VSSI) discretes.

"The distinction between ICs and discretes has begun to blur, so it is logical to bring VSSI discretes, and discrete and multiple passive devices together into a single product line within the same organization," said Stephen zur Verth, general manager of Integrated Discretes. "This will speed up time-to-market and improve design-in service for our customers, and underscore our worldwide leadership in the discretes market."

zur Verth went on to say, "Dynamic application areas, such as telecommunications, offer great potential for further growth in integrated discretes. Our new organizational structure will ensure that Philips Semiconductors is optimally placed to take advantage of a world market that we expect to grow from $80.0 million in 1999, to more than $450.0 million within three years."